Ticket Resolution Policy

We are aware that game bugs and server crashes can result in loss of in-game progress of items, and we try to resolve these issues fairly and as quickly as possible through the use of our Discord server’s ticket system. Ultimately, the verdict is up the to staff member resolving the ticket but general guidelines are listed below.

  • All servers on the Purity Network share the same rules as main server unless explicitly stated.

  • If items are lost due to a rollback or crash, the staff reserve the right to deem what items can be returned if sufficient evidence is presented.

  • If a player using an elytra dies due to a server lag spike, server crash, anticheat issue, or slow loading chunks, you may receive to a teleport back to your death location. You will not be teleported back if you died flying with low TPS or high ping. Fly at your own risk. Staff reserve the right to decide whether or not your claims are legitimate.

  • If a player cannot provide sufficient evidence of their inventory following item loss due to an apparent server issue, no inventory restoration can be done.

  • In the case of villagers randomly despawning, you may have your villagers returned if the area was away from any chunk borders, well secured and you have proof that there was indeed a villager there that did not die to hostile mobs. Additionally, you may only have villagers with specific trades replaced IF you have proof that said villagers had that trade. Staff reserve the right to choose whether or not to return your villager, based on the legitimacy of your claims.

  • You may not post videos of yourself breaking server rules on Purity Vanilla online (regardless of the video’s age or date) as it will set a harmful precedent for the rest of the community.

  • Players who have multiple accounts banned on the same IP will not be allowed to continue playing for the duration of the account’s ban, regardless of who was banned originally. You are responsible for all actions taken on Purity Vanilla with your IP address. All accounts playing on your IP will have to obey the ban evasion policy, as stated within the manual and /rules ingame.

  • After a ban has expired, any further bans on any of your accounts will be permanent according to our bans policy. Your ban history is per player, not per account.

  • Players voting with a full inventory will not have lost voting rewards replaced, it is up to you to manage your inventory before voting. Exceptions may be made for high vote-count rewards.

  • Items lost to players using hacked clients at spawn will not be returned. Venturing at spawn is at your own risk, you are liable for any items lost in the process.