Ban Policy

Due to the kind of players a server like Purity Vanilla attracts, we have adopted a strict ban policy for breaking our rules. This policy has been in effect almost the entire lifetime of the server and we’re not looking to change it up anytime soon.

Ban Duration

1st Offence - 7 Day Ban

The first time a player breaks one of our rules they are banned for 7 days. After the 7 days, the player can return to the server without further restrictions.

2nd Offence - Permanent Ban

The second time a player breaks one of our rules they are permanently banned from the server. They may not rejoin on any account as explained below.

Exceptional Bans

In the event of exceptional circumstances, for example, breaking the rules in a way which causes a large degree of damage to the server, staff reserve the right to permanently ban a player after a 1st offence. This will only happen rarely and as a result of discussion amongst the server moderation and administrative team.

Multiple Accounts per IP

After a ban has expired, any further bans on any one of your accounts will result in a permanent ban. This is because bans are meant to be issued on a per-player basis, not per-account. That being said, you are responsible for players connecting from your IP address. Players who have multiple accounts on the same IP will not be allowed to continue playing for the duration of the account’s ban, regardless of who was banned originally. The tools we use to determine rely heavily on IP address history which is why we have this policy in place.

Ban Evasion

If you attempt to evade a ban using an alt account, that account will be banned for a further 7 days. If you attempt to evade the ban a second time, a permanent IP ban will be placed on your account.

Account Sharing

Sharing or permitting access to your accounts with banned players will result in your accounts being banned as well, in accordance with our ban evasion policy. If you believe a banned player has or has had access to your account, make sure to change the credentials so they can no longer login and contact staff for unlinking. Failure to do so will result in a ban on all of your accounts.


False bans can be appealed on our Discord in a support ticket. We will have the staff member who issued the ban present their evidence and the staff will discuss the legitimacy of the ban. If it is determined that the ban was not justified, the account will be unbanned and the ban will not count towards its ban record.

We do not currently accept appeals for legitimate bans on the basis, either because a lot of time has passed or otherwise. This is because our server has only been running for a year, so we don’t see the need to start allowing permanently banned players to have a second chance. This may change in future.